Game Credits

Posted: 23 Feb 2024 21:52
by Xangis

I'm nearly at the finish line for the game I'm creating and I'm not sure the best way to do the credits. I imagine this is typically more personal preference rather than any particular standard convention.

Should it be something shown at the end of the game?

Should they be something you can view from the main menu?

Should they just be part of the title screen / main background?

How have you handled credits for your visual novel?

Re: Game Credits

Posted: 24 Feb 2024 05:05
by idaot

The UI example project has a template for a credits UI that has been integrated into the Title screen.

Re: Game Credits

Posted: 24 Feb 2024 15:02
by Xangis

Oh, very cool. I didn't know that.

Do you prefer to have credits on the main menu, or as an endgame screen?

Re: Game Credits

Posted: 24 Feb 2024 19:57
by Elringus

Main menu credits and end-game credits serve different purpose and not mutually exclusive. Menu credits are added to promote/credit the key stuff. They're usually minimalistic and may include links to the personal website/socials for the credited members. End-game credits often also serve as a closure for players, featuring key CGs or art from the game, music theme, etc.