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Choice Button Interactable

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This might be a simple one but I can't seem to figure it out. I am using a ButtonArea as an interactable and creating it in a script as per the examples. The problem I am running into is that the choice button becomes hidden (I think) after I click it. I know this is standard behaviour when clicking through a normal story choice, but in this case because it's a static interactable, I need a way to programmatically determine if the interactable should be hidden or not. (ie: acquired or a background prop)

I've run the game and tried to figure out what is going on when I click it, but there is no visible change when I play around with the properties. Indeed the button does not get destroyed after click, and doesn't seem to be affected when I change the properties, it is just transparent or hidden, I can't really tell. I would like the choice button (interactable) to remain on the screen.

Thanks in advance if you can provide some suggestions.


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Re: Choice Button Interactable

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The default choice handler/choice buttons are designed for simple story navigation. I suggest creating a custom choice handler actor ( ... mentations) or custom UI if your intention is to use it for some other purpose.

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