PS4 controller input issue

Posted: 21 Oct 2022 11:22
by Orenn16


I'm hoping someone here might have some experience working with Naninovel for a game that is controlled with a PS4 controller. I've asked a similar question in the past and was directed to the Unity support forums who then directed me back here. I really seem to be jammed up and am completely stuck on where to go. I'm using this Naninovel specific guide to try and create an input system for the game: ... d-keyboard

However, when I run the game, the only input detected is the touchpad which simulates a mouse. That's not even an input I've programed for so I'm assuming the game is picking up on a default input module somewhere? Does anyone know how to get the gamepad inputs built using that linked tutorial to function once the game is built and running? Absolutely any help or direction would be immensely appreciated. It's the last step we need to send our game off for certification and then publication on PlayStation 4!

Re: PS4 controller input issue

Posted: 21 Oct 2022 11:42
by Elringus

Naninovel doesn't have anything to do with device-specific input, such as PS controller. It's all on the Unity side and/or platform-specific SDK (which is under NDA and should not be discussed publicly). If there are any Naninovel-related questions or issues, feel free to contact our support: Otherwise, contact either Unity or PS support.