I want to know about '.GetUI'

Using Naninovel C# APIs: adding custom actor implementations or commands, overriding engine services, integrating with other systems, etc.
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I want to know about '.GetUI'

Post by booksuny »

I'm sorry to ask you a basic question.

As I make games with Nani novel, '.GetUI' often appears.

I'm a little confused because I didn't see it when I was learning C# or Unity engine.

I searched through Google or the guide, but it doesn't come out anywhere.

Is it a function supported by Nani Nobel?

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Re: I want to know about '.GetUI'

Post by komasuke »

.GetUI() maybe a method under Naninovel.IUIManager ?
This method is in naninovel source code, not C# or Unity engine code

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Re: I want to know about '.GetUI'

Post by idaot »

That's right, it's part of Naninovel's C# codebase.

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