Naninovel v1.18 and new package format

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Naninovel v1.18 and new package format

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Naninovel v1.18 final release is out!

Find complete list of additions, changes and fixes in the changelog: ... /tag/v1.18

In v1.19 we plan to change the package to natively support Unity's package manager (UPM), where the package is not imported to the project's Assets directory, but cloned into a dedicated temp folder outside of the project. This will prevent common issues of modifying package sources or checking the package into VCS; upgrading will also become easier, as it will no longer be required to manually delete the package folder before importing the new one.

The transition to the new package format will most likely require bumping minimum supported Unity version, so refrain from upgrading to the upcoming v1.19 pre-release unless you're ready to also upgrade Unity in the future. To support the projects that are already in production and don't want to upgrade Unity, we will maintain v1.18 with critical bug fixes until v1.19 is released, which is expected in late 2023.

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Re: Naninovel v1.18 and new package format

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