[SOLVED] Progress script after Auto Voice finishes

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[SOLVED] Progress script after Auto Voice finishes

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I know with the typed dialogue it will automatically move forward once it reaches the end if you add [skipInput] after a line of text. Is there a way to ensure it allows for the audio associated with the line of text plays fully before moving on?

I can do something like the following, but it makes it only works if the player doesn't make an input:

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Mukae: I... I'm fine, so... H-hi Hitoyoshi, I'm Mukae Emukae! How... how many children do you want to have? [wait 5][skipInput]

I'd also be open to removing player input completely from that specific line of dialogue, if that's something that's possible.

EDIT: Never mind, I got it functioning correctly by pushing it through the GoTo Function and having the previous segments wait until the audio has finished playing.

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