SuperTextMesh integration for Naninovel

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SuperTextMesh integration for Naninovel

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Hi there!

My name is Miguel, I am the programmer and founder of Tagai Arts, a small game development team from Spain. We are working on a narrative project for PC and in our current demo production we worked on something that might be of interest to the community.

We are working on a two-sided game that has part of card game and part of narrative conversational game. For this second part, we are using NaniNovel as the main framework, but we really wanted to use SuperTextMesh with it. We noticed that there was not an official integration for both, so we began working on it.

Turns out, we already have it sorted out! I think it can really be a nice thing to have them both 'officially' integrated for every gamedev out there that wants to use them, and so I wanted to provide everyone with a package so you can use it freely and maybe give some final touches for your projects' specifics.

You can find tour integration through this link, as well as a quick implementation guide to test it out. This has been created (and exported) using the latest NaniNovel v1.17 and SuperTextMesh v1.11.5 in Unity v2021.1.15f1. I have written the integration guide so the process is as straight-forward as possible.

And that's it! We thought that this would be beneficial for both Nani and STM users so I hope that it ends up becoming part of your projects.

Have fun!

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