Modify character with stage custom command

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Modify character with stage custom command

Post by Elringus »

A custom command, that will override built-in @char providing additional stage parameter. The parameter allows specifying "stage" of the character on scene, that is x,y positions and scale:


The command can be used as follows:

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; Place Kohaku at the upper-left stage
@char Kohaku stage:UpLeft

The VS Code extension will automatically pick-up available stage options and provide auto-complete:


To add the command, copy-paste the code below to a new C# script.

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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using Naninovel;
using Naninovel.Commands;

public enum Stage

public class StageParams
    public List<float?> Position { get; }
    public List<float?> Scale { get; }

    public StageParams (float x, float y, float scale)
        Position = new List<float?> { x, y };
        Scale = new List<float?> { scale };

    public static StageParams GetFor (string stageString)
        if (!Enum.TryParse(stageString, out Stage stage))
            throw new ArgumentException($"Unknown stage: '{stageString}'.");

        switch (stage)
            case Stage.UpRight:    return new StageParams(70, 30, 0.7f);
            case Stage.UpCenter:   return new StageParams(50, 30, 0.7f);
            case Stage.UpLeft:     return new StageParams(30, 30, 0.7f);
            case Stage.Right:      return new StageParams(80, 0, 1.0f);
            case Stage.Center:     return new StageParams(50, 0, 1.0f);
            case Stage.Left:       return new StageParams(20, 0, 1.0f);
            case Stage.DownRight:  return new StageParams(90, -30, 1.3f);
            case Stage.DownCenter: return new StageParams(50, -30, 1.3f);
            case Stage.DownLeft:   return new StageParams(10, -30, 1.3f);
            default: throw new ArgumentException($"Missing parameters for '{stage}' stage.");

public class ModifyCharWithStage : ModifyCharacter
    public StringParameter Stage;

    public override UniTask ExecuteAsync (AsyncToken asyncToken = default)
        if (Assigned(Stage))
            var stageParams = StageParams.GetFor(Stage);
            ScenePosition = stageParams.Position;
            Scale = stageParams.Scale;
        return base.ExecuteAsync(asyncToken);

Thanks to Nai for the idea!

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