NaniNovel good for Choices Matter/Multiple Ending?

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NaniNovel good for Choices Matter/Multiple Ending?

Post by Jessi »

Hi I am an aspiring game developer and I would like to kickstart this dream with visual novels.
I tried Novelty and am going to try Ren'Py but someone recommended I gave Naninovel a try. I am willing to purchase it now that it's at 50% off but I would like to ask if it's possible to make a Choices Matter type of VN using this engine? If it is, is it also possible to make multiple endings? I know it's a complicated start for a noob like me, but I am willing to spend time for this. I saw the demo and it's really very cool to see that it's not a complicated set of coding.
Another thing is that, is it possible to add attributes and such? Like leveling systems? I was hoping to add attributes for relationship effects, achievements, inventory and such? Because if it is possible, I'd definitely like to get started! Thank you. :D

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Re: NaniNovel good for Choices Matter/Multiple Ending?

Post by Elringus »

Hi, Sure, it's possible to create choices and multiple endings; see the conditionals guide for more info. Regarding the attributes, you can use Naninovel's custom variables to store the values and manipulate them from scenario scripts, but otherwise we don't have anything out of the box for such systems. Though, there is an inventory example project, which you can explore and use as a reference when implementing your own.

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