Strictly 2D?

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Strictly 2D?

Post by decoy »

I know Naninovel doesn't rely on Unity Scenes in order to function; However, is it possible to use scenes to create 3D environments and 3D characters as opposed to 2D characters and backgrounds? Looking at the Dome King trailer - it seems like the developer was able to achieve this. I would still like to utilize all the features like skip/quick saves, etc - but I would prefer to create my environments in Unity Directly as opposed to having to render them for use later. Thank!

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Re: Strictly 2D?

Post by Elringus »

Sure, you can use 3D objects (or actually any objects, composed in prefabs) with generic or custom implementations (available for both characters and backgrounds): ... characters For backgrounds specifically you can also use Unity scenes: ... ackgrounds

"Scene independent" is mostly about lifecycle design of the framework (meaning it's initialized and destroyed independent of scene load-unload operations); Naninovel is not limiting in any way in how you can use Unity.

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