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VR Skybox

Post by JamesClark »

I am not sure if Naninovel will work for what I'm trying to do. I am making a Visual Novel in VR. Each change in image is a new scene, which is a panoramic image attached to the skybox. It actually works really well, I'm just looking for a dialog system to go along with it. So, the question is, would Naninovel work for me? I only need it to progress the player from scene to scene, show dialog, and have the choice making by the player be easier.

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Re: VR Skybox

Post by Elringus »

Hi, We don't have any built-in features for XR, but Naninovel is not limiting what you can achieve with Unity and all our systems are extensible/customizable, so it should be possible; it'd probably require some C# scripting, though.

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