Sol Hano

Tell us about the project you're working on. Both final releases and work in progress posts are welcome.
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Sol Hano

Post by MikeBowe »

So... we got a game under development that has Naninovel in it... Our game is Visual Novel, more or less, but hardly your cookie cutter "big eye cartoon romance with a boss". Nothing wrong with them, of course, we LOVE all Anime and Manga, but we wanted to things bit differently. Well, a lot differently. For a quick look-see, head over to the Sol's own website, and/or YouTube channel: ... GhjSda-duQ

This is being developed by Garagista Studios, but our site is (for now) pretty minimal, so I won't even put a link to it - we focus on creating the game, not bragging about ourselves... but we do have on average 20 years worth of experience in game development and entertainment industry, so we are not n00bs in that sense. We've been doing this two years now, on top of our daily work and lives with kids, wives, GFs, cats and whatnots... for us this game is a labour of love, with some experimenting, few course corrections and certainly agile way of develop the story and content.

What we want to do differently is to make a Visual Novel with HQ adult theme & story, including the dialog, a story and characters so good it should be made as a few seasons long Netflix show :). In addition to a good story we want to create a visual look that's hyper-realistic, and a detailed background for the characters and the world itself. We're building an IP, not a game jam thing in 24 hours.

We have gotten onboard some super great talents, like you probably spotted from the trailer (if you didn't watch that, hint: she's a real life Adult Industry Actress) as well as hiring a world-class talent, Tapani Siirtola, to compose our main music:

Right... good music, porn star... what is the game all about then? Well, it's NOT a porn game, sorry.

Everybody remembers Leisure Suit Larry, right? If you don't you're too young... go google Larry :) Game is Larry, and movies, TV-shows and movie characters like Han Solo, Firefly and Guardians of the Galaxy... spaceship (fastest in the galaxy), smuggling, action, gambling, women... not forgetting occasional glass of whisky and a big fat cigar. And sex, there's that too.

Oh, and forget the actual Han Solo movie, that was so bad... and actually the reason why we started creating this game. C'mon, teenager barely holding hands? That's not MY Han Solo, young or not.

Anyways, this for starters... if there's interest, I can post also some tidbits, graphics we have done or answer questions or comments if you have any.

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Re: Sol Hano

Post by Kad »

Dunno, if your entire footer is basically what you think about the politics of drug use, LGBT, #metoo, and the SJWs it looks like you are the next patronizing dev studio that focuses less on the actual game and more on the politics of it. Stuff like that doesn't belong on an immersive Sci-Fi Game Website.

Also, your entire Platform screams "Porn Game", you even write stuff like "&sex too, we got it", just if you scroll down enough you see that it's PEGI-16 and it is not a porn game. So the next thirst trap, nice.

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Re: Sol Hano

Post by idaot »

You are free to air your grievances to the developer directly, but please do not start these type of arguments in spaces which should have nothing to do with politics or heated current day topics, especially if the thread in question is over one year old.

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