Naninovel is out of beta!

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Naninovel is out of beta!

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With version 1.10 being our first stable release, Naninovel is now out beta; the release is available on the Asset Store.

We want to thank all the users, that helped us improving the engine over the past 1.5 years via suggestions and bug reports!

Being in stable means we will no longer add features or make changes, that require to re-setup configuration assets, re-write scenario scripts or upgrade to a newer major Unity release. The priority for the rest of 1.x releases will be bug fixes and performance improvements.

To ensure best stability it’s advised to stay on the latest Unity 2019.4 LTS release. Support for newer Unity versions from the TECH stream (2020 and later) will be added as long as it doesn’t require breaking changes to the existing codebase.

While it’s still undecided when or whether Naninovel v2 development will start, we are open to suggestions and feature requests, which are collected in the corresponding milestone on GitHub.

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