background id bug

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background id bug

Post by booksuny »

Hello, I am writing because there is a phenomenon that seems to be a bug.

I made a 'background list'.

I made 'sprite background'.
I didn't touch the other settings.

I made a background called 'att01', and I made a background called 'enemy_att01' underneath it.

I wrote the following code.

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@back enemy_att01.CircleReveal time:0.2 id:effect

Then, just before 'enemy_att01' appeared, the background of 'att01' appeared and disappeared.

I did more experiments.
'att01', which was created before 'enemy_att01', has no bugs. Resources placed under 'att01' show the same phenomenon.

It looks like a bug. Is it possible to reproduce the same phenomenon?

For your information, I solved this problem by putting a transparent background on top.

I don't know if this is the right solution.

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Re: background id bug

Post by idaot »

Not a bug as that is by design. You can't use transition effects to show/hide the backgrounds. Using a transparent image is a good workaround.

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