A couple of suggestions

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A couple of suggestions

Post by oyabaka »

I first want to say that I've been using Naninovel for over a year and I think it's great—it has exceeded my expectations. It can pretty much do everything I want my game to do. That said, I have a few of suggestions.

1.) The unlockable tips feature is great. Currently, there is an option to put in a category. I think it would be nice if that category section was functional—the tips could be organized by category and the user could click on that category.
Example: https://imgur.com/srCbUCO
Right now, I have a long list of words and I think that when the user wants to go back to read about the item again, it would be easier for them to be able to find it via a category.

2.) Right now, @input shows a field UI. Would it be possible to have a similar command with a dropdown list? This will prevent the user from writing in anything other than the intended response. It's probably easy for someone with basic C# programming knowledge to make this on their own, but I just have a very rudimentary knowledge and am not clear on how to make this.

3.) I'm not sure how feasible this would be, but would it be possible to make a character (user?) creation page? It would be a page where the user could enter his or her character's name and other information. This information can be used to customize the game more.
Example: https://imgur.com/GweRnKm

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Re: A couple of suggestions

Post by Elringus »

Hey, Thanks for using Nani and for the suggestions!

  1. The built-in UIs are mostly for example. You can modify or completely replace them via UI customization options.
  2. Sure, you can create a custom command (or override @input) to show a custom input field UI. Naninovel is not limiting in any way on how you can use Unity to tailor the systems for your needs.
  3. Absolutely. There are multiple ways to achieve this. The simplest I guess would be adding a custom UI and using play script components.
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