Data reset for build

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Data reset for build

Post by TuTlo »


I am wondering is there a way to reset all data (custom variable to initialized value, unlock all Unlockables)?

I test playing the game in Unity editor, and after building, some of the global variables (Unlockables) did not reset to initialized value as defined in Custom Variables.

I would like to ask about is there some setting in building or in Naninovel configs to reset all data for building?

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Data reset for build

Post by idaot »

Unlockables are not to be confused with custom variables, Unlockables have their own configuration ( They will be defaulted to locked in a clean game build and their state can be changed with @unlock and @lock commands (and their associated C# functions found in IUnlockableManager)

Any save data stored in the editor won't carry over to the build.

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