Parallax Cameras

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Parallax Cameras

Post by Riene »

Hello! Does anyone know here how to input a parallax in naninovel? I tried to put a custom c# script one because I couldn't find any options in the camera effects and when I added my custom script, the effects of naninovel weren't able to show up after applying my custom parallax into the game. I tried configuring the naninovel prefab but nothing works, does anyone have an answer to this? Thank you!

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Re: Parallax Cameras

Post by Elringus »

Hi, If you mean parallax scrolling, it's not a camera effect. If you can use perspective camera mode (toggled via camera command), there is nothing to script, just place the objects with varying distance from the camera over z-axis. And in case you have to use an ortho mode, I'd suggest using generic backgrounds with custom scripts per layer to control relative movement to the main camera. To move the camera itself check out look command:

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