I want to embed other UI in the text

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I want to embed other UI in the text

Post by mina_VRCh »

I want to modify the text display system to embed other UI in the text. Specifically, I'm trying to display buttons created by Unity's UI system along with the text.

Like this: Lorem ipsum dolor [Button 1] [Button 2] sit amet
(actually the buttons are a bit more complex)

I somehow expect that this can be achieved using a custom text printer and custom tags.
However, I am not quite sure how exactly.

Is it possible to make it work like this?

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Re: I want to embed other UI in the text

Post by idaot »

I suggest looking into TMPro sprites (https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/com.u ... rites.html) which are compatible with TMPro printers (just be sure to add the TMProRevealableText material to the sprites to apply the revealable effect on them) as well as the text tag system (https://naninovel.com/guide/unlockable-items.html#tips) which you can modify (via the On Tip Clicked event) to serve another purpose. I tested using sprites to show tips and it worked fine.

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